Folks, it’s time to adjust with the times and use 2FA (2 factor authentication) anywhere it’s an option. While there is no 100% proof, it will definitely make it harder for those hackers in Russia, China or in a basement in Philadelphia to gain access to your accounts.


This is how you can enable 2FA for your 365 Account
*depended it is not disabled by your admin


First step is to install the Authenticator app. It is paired with your account and holds and generate the one-time codes, just like the physical tokens or key fobs.

We recommend Microsoft Authenticator but there are plenty of other vendors offering similar apps. 


For iPhone/iPad, you can use this link to the app store

For Android based devices, you can use this link



Once ready, use your computer and browse to the following address:

Login to your account and you should get the following screen – 



 Go ahead and hit ‘Next’ 

Under ‘How should we contact you’ select ‘Mobile app’ 




In the next step we’ll need to pair Authenticator app with this identity. 


Press on the ‘Set up’ and the next screen will have the QR code you need to scan with your Authenticator app 

Open the Authenticator app on your phone, press the add symbol and choose ‘Work or school account’ or ‘Personal account’


Next and last step, we’ll enable the ‘phone sign-in’. This will allow you to approve new/unknown connections to your account by getting a notification to your Authenticator and approving it (rather than typing the one-time code) 


                                                                                      Press 'Continue' and you're all set!